A simple precursor

Before we get started with training our horse, I must explain a few things. First off, all horses learn differently. Please approach the horse respectfully and understand that he may need to move his feet quite a bit at first to feel somewhat comfortable with a new thing that you may be introducing. Don’t hinder this movement too much. Occasionally it is better for the horse if you immobilize his feet (simply by sidling him up to a wall, don’t tie him up or throw him down); use your judgement.

Even though I can provide a few tips for training, you will have to modify your plans constantly! Horses are individuals, and no one is the same as another. Qualities a horse trainer must have are patience, patience, patience, perseverance, and lots of creativity. If you don’t possess these qualities, it may be best for you to have us train your horse for you, because if you get mad with your horse, he will feel it and get tense and very hard to train.

And one last thing – training always works better if you can spend a small amount of time six to seven days a week working on his training. This is ideal, it is not necessary, but your results will be much better if you work slowly and steadily with lots of patience! If you have any questions or just can’t make any headway, please contact us and we will be happy to help you out. Good luck!



One thought on “A simple precursor

  1. Remember, if you have any questions regarding the tips that are posted here or anything else to do with your horse’s training, leave a comment on it and we will reply! If you don’t want anyone else to see your comment, you can use the Contact Us page and we can email you directly.

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