Desensitizing your Horse, Part 3

Here is the last lesson in Desensitizing. There are so many things that horses are afraid of! I will cover one more of those things in this lesson. If your horse is scared of anything else, please use either the odd noises method or the bag method (in Lesson #1) to introduce it to him.

Odd Noises:

Materials: Find horns and big bags and little bags and big tarps and little ones, anything that makes a noise!

Method: Make just a little of the odd noise at first. Be ready for the horse to jump back! If he does, bring him forward to where he was before and do it again. As he becomes more comfortable with it, you can make more noise with the item in the same manner. An easier way to do this is to put something that will make noise in wind (e.g. a tarp or bag) or something that looks odd (e.g. a flag or balloons) right in the horse’s pen and let him be beside them for several weeks. Pretty soon he will no longer pay attention to them. A note of caution: please do not put anything ‘scary’ right beside the horse’s water source, or he may not drink for several days and that can cause all sorts of nasty consequences.



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