Bridling your Horse, Part 1

Bridling a horse is also what a lot of people struggle with. Their horse shoots his head up to the sky so they can’t reach it or they jerk it just as the bit goes in to make it slip right out again. And, once again, there is a simple solution to this problem.

If you haven’t yet, please read my last post about relaxing your horse. Practice that lots, because you will need it in this lesson.

So, start there. Get your horse relaxed with is head down. If he is head shy and you cannot get his head down, start rubbing him in a place he is comfortable with, such as his neck, and slowly rub up to his head. If he protests, keep rubbing there until he relaxes. Continue until you can touch his face wherever you want to.

Now you can get your bridle. Hold the headstall in your rigt hand and drape it over his poll. If his head goes up, ask him to drop it again before continuing. Cradle the bit in your left hand and bring it to his mouth calmly. Slide your thumb into his mouth, resettin his head whenever it goes where you dont want it to be. Wiggle your humb until he opens up, and insert the bit. Unbridle him right away and praise him. Bridle as many times as you an, but try to end the lesson on a good note.



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