Neck Reining, Part 2

The last way to train a horse to neck rein requires great skill on both the part of the horse and the rider, however, it is much faster. It will not work on some horses, especially the big, lanky, tank-like horses that don’t move very fast or aren’t very responsive. This way uses a cordeo. A cordeo is a strap of leather that goes around the horse’s neck.

Using this, you direct your horse which way to go with mostly your legs, focus, feel, and timing, but you also use a slight neck rein, and this is how you accustom your horse to following the feel of a neck rein. The only caveat with this is that you must know the horse before you attempt this. If the horse is going to run off or will not respond to your body language telling him what to do, do not use a cordeo! It is impossible to get the correct response if you only use the reins all the time when you ride your horse, instead of using your whole body and not the reins to direct the horse. If you and your horse meet all these conditions, a cordeo may be the simplest and easiest way to go to teach your horse how to neck rein.


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