On the Importance of Good Riding

All of our horses are going to be ridden at some point, unless my readers have started joining the Alexander Nevzorov movement. Not that I don’t like the Nevzorov ideas, in fact, I hold Alexander in quite a high position on my list of amazing horse trainers, and I suggest that you look him up. But, we generally ride our horses, and it is necessary to do so in a responsible way.

Some horses are much more sensitive than others, and so should not be ridden bareback. Riding a very sensitive horse bareback, while it is fun, could potentially injure the horse’s back and make him no longer enjoy his rides with you.

But assuming your horse is like most horses and is not one of the super-sensitive-high-strung-Arabian types, there are a few things you can do to make your ride more enjoyable for your four-legged companion. The first is to learn about Centered Riding. This amazing riding technique is just about the best way to ride a horse. It is complex enough that I simply cannot describe it here, but this also I suggest looking up and researching. Once Centered Riding is mastered, a slight cue that no one but you and your horse know about will control him and you can enjoy the best relationship you have had with your horse.

Learning how to ride well is a great asset to anyone training their own horse. No, I should not say asset – necessity! Your horse is as good as you are. The better you ride, the better your horse will be. Less is more. Such are the maxims of Centered Riding, and they are well worth knowing.

I think this post will become a string of posts related to how we ride – stay tuned for tips on turning, stopping, and starting your horse in a way that bystanders won’t notice!

Until next time,

The Horsegentler


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