Equine Studies Online

I’ve become aware of an awesome program recently, and am using it to top up my horse care skills.

The University of Guelph is one of the best universities in Canada, and it has an amazing reputation in the agricultural world. Besides having the usual courses at the university campus, though, Guelph also offers online Open Education classes! There are many topics, but of course the ones I am interested in are the horse ones.

There are four main courses of study: A Diploma in Equine Studies (10 courses), an Equine Science Certificate (6 courses), a Certificate in Business Management (6 courses), and an Equine Welfare Certificate (6 courses).

But the real beauty of these courses is that you don’t have to take them as part of a program. If all you really want to know is Equine Genetics, you can take just that class. If you register before the early-bird deadline, you only pay $400 CAD! This is university level education at a reasonable price.

It is open to people all over the world at the same price, so we get a wide variety of experience in the classes. Online is different, but it is an innovative way to bring the horse world together.

I am working on a Diploma in Equine Studies; after next semester I will be finished it. Go check out the courses offered here: http://www.equinestudiesonline.ca. Yes, the website isn’t the clearest… but keep poking around and you’ll get it!


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