Why the Old Testament is Important

It is such a temptation to read the ‘more interesting’ ‘more engaging’ ‘more relevant’ part of the Bible and leave the ‘barbarous’ ‘law section’ ‘difficult to understand’ part out entirely. But truthfully, the Old Testament makes up way more than half of our Bibles. If all Scripture is God-breathed, like the New Testament says, then the Old Testament must be good for something.

  1. It can be used to instruct. Again, the New Testament declares that all Scripture is useful to teach and instruct and correct. When those words were written, ‘Scripture’ meant the Old Testament, because the New had not yet been compiled. The Old Testament is full of history, poetry, and laws, all of which can be used to admonish and instruct through the wisdom and examples found in them.
  2. It shows the veracity of the Bible. The history contained in the Bible, both in the New and Old Testaments (but especially the Old) helps to prove the truthfulness of the Bible. Many of the historical events recorded there have been confirmed by historians—even secular ones!
  3. It provides an essential foundation for all that comes after. Here I especially refer to Genesis 1-11, but the entire Old Testament is actually a foundation for the New. If we don’t believe what God says He did at the beginning, how can we logically believe what He says He did to help the Israelites? How can we logically believe what He says He did to save us? And further, how can we logically believe what He says He will do in future? When Christ came, He was the fulfillment of what is written in the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms (Luke 24:44). In order to fully grasp what Jesus did, we need to understand how it all started.
  4. It explains the preconditions of intelligibility. The preconditions of intelligibility include many non-material things that we take for granted and assume every day such as morality, laws of logic, and the basic reliability of our senses. No other worldview except the one whose foundations are found in Genesis and throughout the Old Testament can make sense of non-material things that everyone in the universe knows about. We are not taught morality, nor are we taught to trust our senses. We intuitively know, and without the Almighty God creating our minds and instructing us to pattern our thoughts after His (laws of logic), and placing His law in our hearts (morality), we could know nothing.
  5. I am sure that there are more reasons. If you think of one, feel free to comment below on the post and add to the list of reasons why all, not just part, of God’s Word is important to our life today.

The Horsegentler


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