Wise Men Seek Him Still

Shepherds in their fields abiding,
Angels them with fear did fill.
With joy they rush to greet their king,
The King of sick and poor and ill.
Those who have so few possessions
Recognize God’s greatest gift.
Seeking Him, forget oppressions;
Poor men seek Him still.

Men of science and great learning
Knowing nothing of God’s will—
Guided by that star there shining
Seeing Him, knelt, with awe instill.
Greater learning now we have,
Greater knowledge, greater grasp—
But wisdom, now, is cut in half;
Wise men seek Him still.

Herod learned the King was born
And just like those who tithed their dill,
Rachel’s children from her torn
As he tried God’s Son to kill.
Though He is in heaven now,
Men on Earth will still be cruel.
His authority they reject;
Some men hate Him still.

Though we sin and we rebel,
He assures a heavenly hill.
All He requests is our poor will;
One Man loves us still.

© The Horsegentler 2016.

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