Business Plans are Underway!

I have some really exciting news for you.

If you have read about my dream, you know that for a long time I have wanted to start up a horse training business. Well, that business is now in its planning stage. I have a written business plan and am working on my marketing plan right now.

And guess what—you can help me.

If you are a horse person, I want to hear from you. I have created a survey on Survey Monkey. It is only 10 questions long, but it will really help me with the market research I need to conduct to make good plans for my business.

Entrepreneurs generally get one crack at business, and I’d like it to work!

Take the survey here:

There is some more news, too. I have agreed to train some local lesson horses on the side to really get the business going, so I will have more stories and tips than ever to share with you. So take the survey here to help me out, and thank you for the support you already offer by reading what I write.

The Horsegentler


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