Micah, a lesson horse.This website is dedicated to the glory of God. The intent is to grow relationships with God through a love of horses. Our goal is to both help you understand your horse better and start a relationship with them and to help you understand our Lord more fully and continue your relationship with Him.

I am a servant of God, a horse trainer, a writer, and a rebelutionary. Originally, this website was devoted only to horse training, but I feel now that this needs to change. Instead of focusing on horses, I will begin to focus on our relationship with God, and how it is affected and influenced by our work with horses.

However, this is still a horse training website. If you are looking for specific training help, I’d suggest checking out the DIY Training page. It’s kept up as a blog, so new information is being added all the time. You can follow the blog to get new training posts delivered directly to your inbox.

For those who don’t want to train their own horses and are looking for a trainer to do it for them, I won’t be of much help to you… yet. Unfortunately, just now I have no farm or building that I are based out of. However, I am working as hard as I can to get out into the world and buy a home base property from which I can begin training others’ horses. If you would like more details about this, please go to the ‘My Dream‘ page.

So, as I have no farm, and thus no phone number or address, you will have to bear with me and use the Contact Form to ask any questions you may have.

Horse-Man-Ship is three words linked together. It’s a horse and a human going willingly together. Horse-Man-Ship is for horses as well as humans, and the horse comes first.

– Pat Parelli