Believe it or not, you will get three free lessons when your horse is trained by us! Because horses are kind of a delicate creature that are easier to untrain than to retrain, we will make sure you know how to keep your horse trained after he is no longer being worked on by us. You will learn lots of great ideas for keeping all that hard work in tune.

If your horse is being trained by us, you get three private or semi-private lessons for free! If your horse is not being trained by us, however, pricing is as follows:

  • Group lesson (you, at least three other riders, and the instructor)                  $30 per lesson
  • Semi-private lesson (you, one other person, and the instructor)                     $35 per lesson
  • Private lesson (for just you and your horse and your instructor)                     $40 per lesson

We require that you use your own horse for lessons. As we are still barn-less, we also have no available lesson horses. We, as we have said frequently, are working hard to change this sad reality.