My Dream


No training stable is much use without a stable! Currently I am stable-less and working hard to change that. Land costs money—lots of money. Most suitable lands (100+ acres with at least a house on it) in the area cost from 1 to 3 million dollars! I would like to have my own property for the flexibility and consistency it will provide for me and for my clients. I would also love to add quality horse boarding in a clean and well managed facility to my currently meagre list of services. Moving around from place to place because a lease or rent agreement expired is no fun for anyone.

Lately, though, God has been making it clear that I have a calling to more than just training horses. He has given me a really neat vision of mentoring young people. Everyone involved in any way with horses knows what kind of creatures they are and how much they can do for a person. Through horses, God has already reached many young people, and more can be reached through personal time invested in them with a horse! My plans are far from concrete (as can be expected! God doesn’t just give out His plans right away), but I am really excited about it and am already on the journey.

So, as I wait for God to provide what I obviously cannot (a place to start this ministry), I am preparing myself for the task. I am participating in missions trips and seeking an apprenticeship with a Godly horse trainer so that I can be the best mentor possible. I am also saving, so that when an opportunity comes, I will be ready to take it.